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Mission Statement

9582 Buttemere Road, Phelan, CA 92371

(760) 868-4271 Phone

Board of Directors

Pastor Wiley Drake, Hon. George Hansen, Larry Dodge, Ph.D., Peymon Mottahedeh

Board of Advisors

Hon. Ron Paul, Nancy Lord, Esq., Aaron Zelman, Lawrence Pratt,

Jon M. Alexander, Esq., Steve Kubby, Hon. Don Rogers, Daniel Shultz, Esq.,

Walter Williams, Rev. Lou Shelton, Clay Conrad, Esq.


The Jury Education Committee is a political action committee whose mission is to enact policies and laws which bring added justice to our judicial system through educated and informed jurors.

The Committee plans to promote laws which:

1) inform trial jurors of their inherent right and power as trial jurors to veto unjust laws or unjustly applied laws and thereby stop imprisonment of the innocent;

2) educate the grand jurors of their important duty in maintaining public trust in the integrity and uprightness of our public servants, by presenting or indicting apparently corrupt or criminal public servants;

3) provide for adequate compensation of jurors to ensure all citizens a meaningful opportunity to become involved in their own governance as jurors.

Justice depends on informed and educated juries!


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